I am a front-end software developer with 5+ years of experience of building web and mobile applications using a variety of tools. I have an exposure to the entire gamut of software development lifecycle working on areas ranging all the way from data modelling to UI design and release management

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content - SEO

Worked on various tools and aspects of seo in a content such as , seo analytics, seo ranking, keyword portfolios. A user can enter and keyword topic or description for its content, and the tool helped them with improving their seo by giving suggestions regarding various aspects for that keyword.

10x Performance

Worked on a tool that enables people to become their best selves and outperform. Work involves requirements analysis, data modelling, technology exploration and selection, software design, construction, testing, and release.I worked mainly on developing micro-frontend with React using Typescript for the frontend.


A.ware is a Revolutionary AI Chabot Platform with deep domain knowledge to build Intelligent Chatbots for any Business. It is built on six different engines that use innovative core concepts. It works across a range of locations - cloud, on-premise or even a hybrid of the two. It is embedded with various pre-built connectors to different channels.

Innovative Explorations